Stephen Burgess and Elizabeth Wells, Sarah Nash

Return to the Burgess family from the 1600s


Stephen was baptised on the 25th May 1777 in Patney.

Marriage to Elizabeth

He married Elizabeth Wells on the 7th April 1800 in Patney

Children and Descendants of James and Elizabeth

  1. Honett Burgess, born on the 27th December 1799
  2. Job Burgess, baptised on the 7th September 1800 and died in 1807
  3. Jonah Burgess, baptised on the 3rd July 1803 and buried on the 15th August in 1820, aged 17
  4. Lucy Burgess, born 1805 and died 7th May 1880 at Stanton St Bernard. She married James Godding Naish on the 19th June 1830 in Stanton St Bernard. Children of Lucy and James:
    1. Stephen Godden Naish, baptised 5th September 1830 at Etchilhampton
    2. Diana Naish, baptised 12th February 1832 Etchilhampton
    3. Thomas Naish, baptised 3rd August 1834 at Etchilhampton
    4. James Godden Naish, born 1836 Etchilhampton. John married Ann Marshall (baptised on the 29th September 1839 at Alton Barnes) on the 22nd October 1858 at Alton Barnes. Children of John and Ann:
      1. Stephen Nash born 10th October 1861 at Stanton St Bernard, died 16th June 1940
      2. James Nash born 1865 at Stanton St Bernard
      3. Thomas Nash born 1869 at Stanton St Bernard
      4. Sophia Nash born 1872 at Stanton St Bernard
      5. William Nash born 1870 at Stanton St Bernard
  5. Henrietta Burgess, baptised on the 27th December 1807
  6. Jacob Burgess, baptised on the 1st April 1810 and buried 24th July 1810 aged 3 months
  7. Abel Burgess, born 26th January 1812 and died 1837. He married Harriet. Children of Abel and Harriet:
    1. Ruth Burgess born 28th February 1836
  8. Elizabeth Burgess, baptised 13th October 1814

Marriage with Sarah

Stephen and Sarah Nash married 18th July 1816

Children of James and Sarah

  1. Patience Burgess, born 19th November 1817, died 24th November aged 3 days
  2. Letitia Burgess, born 19th November 1817 and died 30th December 1817 aged 2 months


Stephen was buried on the 24th March 1854.