William Burgess and Anne Burden in England

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William Burgess was born on the 27th February 1780 in Patney. He was a carter by trade.

Anne Burden was baptised on the 24th of October 1780. She was the daughter of Robert Burden and Sarah Chick.


William married Anne Burden 7th April 1806.

Children and Descendants

  1. Michael Burgess, baptised 10th August 1806, buried 4th October 1806 aged 6 weeks
  2. Martha Burgess, born 1807 at Etchilhampton. Married Joseph Townsend Pinchen, the son of Charles Pinchen and Hannah. The family migrated to Australia aboard the "Tory" which left England on the 10th May 1849. Martha died 19th November 1889 at Wollombi, NSW Australia. Children of Martha and Joseph:
    1. Matilda Pinchen born 1829
    2. William Pinchen born 1831 Wiltshire, died 20th October 1910
    3. Hannah Pinchen born 1834
    4. Joseph Pinchen, born 1843
    5. Sarah Pinchen born 1845
    6. James Pinchen, born 21st June 1850 at Patterrson River NSW, baptised 21st November 1852. He did not marry and died 8th November 1874 at Wollombi NSW
  3. John Burgess, baptised 17th January 1809, married Elizabeth, died 4th January 1854. Died of Phthisis
  4. William Burgess, born 1812-1813, died 17th April 1818 at Manningford Abbots aged 5 years.
  5. James Burgess, born 1817 Manningford Abbots. He married Caroline Spackman (the daughter of Henry Spackman and Sarah Newman) on the 18th November 1841. The couple were both under 5 feet tall. On the 3rd September 1854 the family arrived in Australia aboard the "Tantivy" and farmed as tennant farmers at Congewai NSW. James died 18th January 1887 at Congewai NSW Australia. Children of James and Caroline:
    1. Harriett Burgess, born 5th July 1844, baptised 15th June 1845 at Manningford Abbots Wiltshire
    2. Jane Burgess, baptised 4th April 1847 at Manningford Abbots. She married Henry Nancarrow (son of William Nancarrow and Margaret Cocking) in 1880 at Maitland NSW after the death of his first wife. Jane had been employed as a nanny/housemaid for Henry and his first wife Mary Anne (or Maryanne) and eight children in Maitland. When Jane became pregnant, Henry moved her to Boggabri and commuted between Maitland and Boggabri for a few years until Maryanne left him to live with her eldest son, also Henry, at Wellington. The first family refused to acknowledge the second family and the second family did not know about the first. Children of Jane and Henry:
      1. James Henry Burgess-Nancarrow, born 1873 at Milchengourie, Boggabri and died 1953 at Newcastle NSW
      2. Herbert Joseph Nancarrow, born 1875 at Gunnedah and died 1952 at Maitland
      3. Ernest David William Nancarrow, born 1879 Gunnedah, died 1935 at Sydney
      4. Benjamin Nancarrow, born 1879 at Gunnedah, died 1960 at Eastwood
      5. Claude Eugene Nancarrow, born 1881 West Maitland, died 1917 at Paschendale, France
      6. Samuel Charles Oliver Nancarrow, born 1884 West Maitland, died 1962 at Maitland
    3. William Burgess, born 6th May 1849 Manningford Abbots. He married Margaret Crossley (daughter of Thomas Crossley and Ann Bailey) on 4th October 1875 at Millfield. Witnesses were Joseph Pinchen and Susanna Chick. William died 26th March 1923 Cessnock NSW Australia. Children of William and Margaret:
      1. Thomas Crossley Burgess, born 28th July 1876 at Ellalong and died 16th July 1944
      2. Emily May (Mary) Burgess, born 21st March 1879 at Wollombi. She married Henry Thomas Frederick Locock on 10th December 1902 and died 16th July 1952 at Cessnock. Children of Emily and Henry:
        1. Margaret M Locock, born 1904
        2. William C Locock, born 1905
        3. Dorothy Locock, born 1907
        4. Hector Locock, born 1909
        5. Leila Constance Loccock, born 20th August 1911 at "Ben Ean", Pokolbin
      3. William Christopher Burgess, born 25th December 1881 and married Ona Johnson in 1913. William died 10th August 1956. Children of William and Ona:
        1. William, adopted, reportedly killed at age 16 when a dray ran over his head
        2. Daughter
        3. Daughter
      4. Ann Caroline Burgess, born 27th October 1883 at Wollombi. She married Robert Alexander Lennertson on the 14th February 1900. She later married Wallace R King in 1925 and died 9th March at Cessnock. Children:
        1. Florence Lennertson, born 1901 (child of Robert)
        2. John Lennertsion, born 1903 (child of Robert)
        3. Mabel Una Lennerstson, born 31st March 1905 Hanging Rock, Wollombi (child of Robert)
        4. Reginald W King (child of Wallace King)
      5. John David Burgess, born 29th November 1886 and died 5th September 1911 at Kurri Kurri. Buried at Wollombi
    4. Joseph Burgess, born 1854 on board the ship to Australia. He married Mary Crossley (sister of Margaret who married his brother William and Elizabeth who married David). Joseph died 12th August 1935 Cessnock NSW Australia. Children of Joseph and Mary:
      1. Ernest David Burgess, born 27th February 1876. He married Maud Regan. Children of Ernest and Maud:
        1. Martin Burgess
        2. Mary Burgess
        3. Ernest Burgess
        4. John Burgess
        5. Ida Burgess
      2. Herbert Andrew Burgess, born 20th June 1878 at Wollombi. He married Florence May Fogg (daughter of Joseph Fogg and Mary William) in 1910 at Cessnock and died 7th November 1945 at Paxton. Children of Herbert and Florence:
        1. Alice May Burgess, born, 1914. She married Harold Lewis
        2. Hector Roy Burgess, born 1916
        3. Ernest Andrew Burgess, born 1918
        4. Mary Daphne Burgess, born 1920
        5. Raymond Cecil Burgess, born 1923
        6. Gordon Stanley Burgess, born 1926, married Fay Bedford
        7. Lester Lawrence Burgess, born 1928, married Marion Minn
        8. Mavis Joan Burgess, born 1931
        9. Valerie Fay Burgess, born 1934
        10. Kenneth George Burgess, born 1939, married Carol Finch
      3. Thomas James Burgess, born 28th June 1881 at Ellalong, a farmer. He married Evelyn Ada Mathews (daughter of George Matthews and Mary Hollingshed) in 1906 and died 9th September 1935 from Coronary Occlusion and Bronchitis. Children of Thomas and Evelyn:
        1. Adele M Burgess, born 1907
        2. Florence A Burgess, born 1909
        3. Lila M Burgess, born 1911
        4. Herbert A Burgess born 1913
        5. Ella M Burgess born 1915
        6. Clarke P Burgess, born 1917
        7. Amy G Burgess, born 1919
        8. Arthur T Burgess, born 1923
      4. William Joseph Burgess, born 16th December, did not marry
      5. Harriet Emily Burgess, born 21st November 1886 at Ellalong and died 14th May 1887 aged 5 months at Ellalong. According to one report, she was burnt to death in a fire while the family were clearing stubble and the flames caught her. But according to her death certificate she died of "cold and fever"
      6. Clarence George Burgess, born 23rd August 1888. He married Lucy Ross (duaghter of John Ross and Mary Fraser)in 1914 at Narrabri. Children of Clarence and Lucy:
        1. Eileen M Burgess, born 1915
        2. Thomas G Burgess, born 1916
        3. Hazel Burgess, born 1918
        4. Joyce Burgess, born 1921
        5. Lila Burgess, born 1925
        6. Ethel J Burgess, born 1927
        7. Lillian M Burgess, born 1928
        8. Ronald D Burgess, born 1933
    5. David Burgess, born 1st September 1856 Congewai NSW Australia. He married Elizabeth Ann Crossley on the 28th May 1878 at Ellalong and farmed the farm that his father James had leased. He became the owner in 1910. He had no schooling but taught himself to read and write and read a great deal. He was also an excellent whip maker and tanned hides. He used a bullock dray to travel to Maitland for supplies (the trip took a week!). David died 21st September 1928 at Cessnock. Children of David and Elizabeth:
        1. Laura Burgess, born 1st November 1879 at Congwai and died at Abt in 1929
        2. Reuben Burgess, born 1st October 1882 at Congewai and died 27th February 1958 at Bellbird
        3. Isabella, born 21st November 1884 at Congewai and died 27th February 1958
        4. Arthur Burgess, born 24th May 1886 at Eglinton and died 5th February 1887 aged 9 months
        5. Wilfred Burgess, born 11th February 1888, Ellalong and died 13th December 1959 at Cessnock
        6. Albert Burgess, born 18th October 1890 at Ellalong and died 1951-1957, unmarried
        7. Basil Burgess, born 24th January 1893 at Ellalong and died 1972-73 at Ellalong
        8. Elsie Burgess, born 30th January 1895 at Congewai and died at Cessnock
        9. Stanley Edwin Burgess, born
        10. Gladys May Burgess, born 28th August 1898-99 at Congewai. She married Andrew (Paul) Rose in 1841 and died in childbirth on June 1943, along with her child, at Katoomba.
    6. Caroline Burgess, born 1858. She married Thomas Crossley, brother to the Crossley girls married to her brothers. Children of Caroline and Thomas:
      1. Muriel Eva Crossley, born 29th November 1886
      2. Allen James Crossley, born 21st July 1889 at Ellalong and died 25th September 1920 at Cessnock
      3. Viva Caroline Crossley, born 29th January 1892 at Coolahmine Creek and died 195
    7. Ann Burgess, born 25th September 1860. She married George Richard Crossley, brother to the other Crossleys above. She died 9th December 1926 at Ellalong. Children of Ann and George:
      1. George Thomas Crossley, born 7th February1879 at Congewai and died 30th January 1951 at Ellalong
      2. Caroline Amelia Crossley
      3. Edith M Crossley, born 1884
      4. Agnes Pearl Crossley, born 16th January 1888 at Ellalong. She married Owen Patrick McDonald and died 4th April 1959 at Ellalong.
      5. Mabel Harriet Crossley, born September 1890 at Congewai
      6. Eveline Louise Jane Crossley, born 7th June 1894 at Congewai. She married Lawrence Bridge Smith and died 2nd April 1955 at Ellalong
      7. Sarah Rubena Grace Crossley, born 1896. She married Lester Peter Coombes and died 5th August 1943 at Ellalong
      8. Kenneth Royal (Roy) Crossley, born 3rd January 1900 at Congewai
      9. Florence Lillian Crossley, born 9th November 1901 at Congewai and died 21st December 1910 aged 8 years
    8. Sarah Burgess, born 1862-1863, died 17th March 1868
  6. David Burgess, baptised 6th August 1820 Manningford Abbots, died 1874. He married Mary Perrott Miles (illegitimate daughter of James Perrott and Elizabeth Miles, baptised 8th May 1831. She was a servant at the time of her marriage) on the 1st March 1851 in Manningford Bruce, Wiltshire. David was a farm labourer. He was buried on the 10th October 1874 aged 53. Mary was buried 18th August 1863, aged 32 years. Children of David and Mary:
      1. Mary Ann Burgess, baptised 28th March 1852, buried 23rd July 1854 aged 2
      2. Martha Burgess, baptised 25th May 1854
      3. John Burgess, baptised 16th October 1856
      4. Matilda Burgess. baptised 23rd May 1858
      5. Clara Louisa Burgess, baptised 8th April 1860
      6. Druscilla Burgess, born 13th July 1862


William died on the 12th December 1823.