Burgess in England

Return to the Burgess family from the 1600s

John Burgess and Sarah Withers


John was born on May 17th 1772 in Patney.


He married Sarah Withers on the 19th April 1804

Children and Descendants

  1. Harriet Burgess, baptised March 16th 1805
  2. Ruth Burgess baptised July 3rd 1808
  3. David Burgess, baptised February 21st 1813, married Sarah Hampshire (christened August 19th 1821 Chirton)
  4. Charlotte Burgess baptised April 16th 1815
  5. Henry Burgess, born November 21st 1819 at Patney. He married Sarah Morley in 1843. Henry was listed in the 1851 census as a farmer owning 22 acres and employing one man. Henry died 10th July 1893 in Allington Wiltshire. Children:
    1. John Burgess born 4th November 1845 at Allington. John married Frances Eva Watt, a school teacher and died 1913 in Patutani New Zealand. Children of John and Eva:
      1. John David Burgess born 1872 Waipukarani New Zealand, died 1930 at Putatani. He married Jan Atkins. Children of John and Jan:
        1. Mary Catherine Jane Burgess born 28th February 1899
        2. John Francis Burgess born 31st October 1902. Children of John:
          1. Ray Burgess. Child:
            1. Paula Burgess
          2. Francis Burgess
        3. Robert Alfred Burgess born 6th February 1899
        4. Cora Alice Burgess born 17th December 1908
        5. Eda Evelyn Burgess born 27th April 1913
    2. Charles Henry Burgess born 22nd November 1847 at Allington. His descendants still farm in Hawkes Bay New Zealand. He emigrated with his older brother John.
    3. Elizabeth Burgess born 7th January 1850 at Allington
    4. Albert Morley Burgess born 12th February 1852
    5. Francis Edward Burgess born 15th April 1854. He died young from complications from a chill caught while rescuing livestock during a flood.
    6. Sarah Ann Burgess born 25th April 1856, died 22nd April 1951 at Bishops Cannings. She was buried on her 95th birthday. She did not marry.
    7. Joshua Alfred Burgess born 29th September 1858. He married Anne Marie Turner. Children of Joshua and Anne:
      1. Henry John Burgess, married Dorothy Evelyn Mortimer. Children of Henry and Dorothy:
        1. Henry Micheal Burgess
        2. Elizabeth Anne Burgess
        3. John Morley Burgess, married Helen Barbara Putt
        4. Roger Mortimer Burgess
    8. Harry Burgess born 7th January 1861, died 3rd June 1936 at Bishops Cannings
    9. Walter Withers Burgess born 25th August 1863 and married Maria. He died 1st August 1940 Allington. Children:
      1. William Burgess
      2. John Burgess, married Violet


John died 1862 in Allington Wiltshire.