Denis and Lucy Byrne

Birth and childhood

Denis Byrne was born in Portland Normandy on the 26th April 1846 - however Portland in those days was a huge area stretching at least as far as Harrow. Portland is named after the Duke of Portland in Dorsetshire. Discovered by James Grant in 1800, often visited by the whaler Captain James Dutton around 1829 and settled by the Henty Brothers.

Lucy Bertram was born on the 18th November 1846 at Mt Macedon (Portland). Her parents, George Blane Bertram and Mary Ann nee Roach. More information on George Bertram and Mary Ann Roche below.

Possible siblings of Lucy are:
1. George Bertram born in Portland 1854, married Lucy McDonald in 1877
2. Lilias Bertram who married Frederick Burgess in 1864 at Fulham station. Frederick was James Byrne's brother in law.


Denis and Lucy married on the 28th of December in 1870 in Balmoral (4167). At the time Dennis worked as a labourer on Fulham station. Lucy was a Governess at Balmoral. Denis Byrne's father was a sheep manager at the time and Lucy's father was a gardener.


1. Denis Byrne 1871-1926 age 55
2. George Byrne 1873 - 1935 age 62
3. Michael Byrne 1875-1949 age 74
4. Mary Anne Sivereight nee Byrne 1877-1948 age 71
5. Edmund Bertram Byrne 1878-1940 age 62
6. Alecia Jane Byrne 1879-1935 age 56
7. William Bertram Byrne 1880-1949 age 69
8. James Henry Byrne 1881-1883 age 2
9. Annie Bertram Byrne 1883-1883 infant
10. Evelyn Stewart 1886-1965 age 79
11. Bertram Roach Byrne 1888-1956 age 64
12. John Blane Byrne 1890-1970 age 80
13. Lucy Emily Byrne c 1893-1907 age 12

Five of the children married. Three died in childhood. For details go to the Byrne Bertram children page


Denis died at Balmoral on the 14th August 1909 aged 64 (8796) of a rodent ulcer. and Lucy died 3rd Jan 1910 at Horsham (1923) age 62. They are buried at Goroke.

Gravestone for Denis Byrne

In loving memory of
Beloved husband of
Lucy Byrne
Died Aug 14th 1909
Age 62 Years

Gravestone for Lucy Byrne

In loving memory of
Beloved wife of
Denis Byrne
Died Jan 3rd 1910
Age 82 Years

George Bertram and Mary Anne Roche (Lucy's Parents)


George Bertram was born c 1814, the son of James and Jane Blane. He died at Gymbowen at the age of 75 in 1889 and is buried at nearby Pleasant Banks.

Mary Anne Roche was born c 1823, the daughter of Edward Roche and Mary Connell. She died aged 53 in 1876.


George and Mary were married on the 11th of August 1839 at Killanney, County Kerry Ireland.


1. Mary Jane Syrett nee Bertram was born in Melbourne in 1840 and married Joseph Syrett in 1858. They lived in Harrow for a time.
2. Henrietta Louisa Albert nee Bertram was born in Narre Warren in 1842 and married John Albert in the Merino area in 1858.
3. Lucy Byrne nee Bertram was born at Mt Macedon in 1848 and married Denis Byrne in 1840.
4. Lilias Burgess nee Bertram was born January 4th at Fulham in 1849 and married Frederick Burgess in 1864. He was the brother of Mary Jane Burgess who married James Byrne, Denis's brother.
5. George Bertram was born at Portland in 1854 and married Lucy McDonald in the Goroke area in 1877.
6. William Bertram was born at Merino and married Eliza Brooks in the Goroke area in 1884.
7. Minnie McClure nee Bertram was born at Balmoral and married William McClure in the Harrow area in 1879.
8. Annie Harry nee Bertram was born at Balmoral in 1860 and married John Harry. She died in 1882, aged 22 at Natimuk.
9. Frederica Bertram was born at Harrow and married James Smith in 1883.
10. Unamed male was born at Balmoral in 1861.
11. Emily Bertram was born in 1863 at Balmoral.
12. Mary Bertram was born at Balmoral in 1863.
13. Edmond Bertram was born at Balmoral in 1866.