Children of George Byrne and Annie McKenzie

1. Charles Lawrence 1905-1941 aged 36
2. Norma (Doris Norma) 1909-1957 aged 48
3. Doreen (Iris Doreen) 1911-1980 aged 69
4. Len (George Leonard) 1913-1987 aged 74
5. Sylvia Roselie 1913-1970 aged 57
6. Olive Laureen 1916-1954 aged 39
7. Roma McKenzie
8. Jack James 1919-1977 aged 56
9. Thora May 1919-1951 aged 32
10. Fay (Shirley Fay)
11. Lois (Valerie Lois)

Charlie Byrne (Charles Lawrence) 1905 - 1941


Born in 1905 (21055). At left is a picture of a Charlie aged 7 at Galanungah school in 1912.



Charlie married Dorrie (Doreen) Sullivan He was a private in the 39th Battalion


Charlie died in action on the 29 May 1941 in Crete - apparently shot at in the sea as the troops landed.

Charlie in uniform WW2

Norma (Doris Norma) 1909 - 1957


Norma was born in 1909


She married Ken Mills of Mildura Iceworks and died in Mildura aged 48. (ref 24782).


  1. Garry
  2. Wayne
  3. Sandra

At right - David (Sylvia's son), Wayne, Rhonda (Sylvia's daughter) and Sandra.


Norma died in 1957 aged 48 years.


Doreen (Iris Doreen) 1911 - 1980


Born in 1911.


Doreen married J Paul


Doreen died in Melbourne aged 69 (22703).

Len Byrne (George Leonard)1913 - 1987


Born in 1913 and farmed at the family farm "Roselyn".

Apparently he had a dry sense of humor.


He married Edna Anthony. Len bought flats in Geelong and eventually retired there.

One story about Len is that he turned down a trip to England because he did not want to fly!


Adopted daughter Sue (Edna's daugher.


Died in Geelong aged 74.

Len is posing with Lauriston.

Sylvia Rosalie Anthony nee Byrne, 1913 - 1970


Sylvie was born in 1913


She married Wally Anthony. Her marriage failed and she later moved to Mildura after Norma died and formed a relationship with her brother in law Ken.


Sylvie died in Mildura aged 57.

Sylvie and Wally had two children. Dianne Kaye married Gerald Rutherford 1965, their children are Nicole and Patrick. Rhonda Leigh married Kevin Bradmore 1968.

There is a story of the children wagging school by hiding in a clump of trees. Old Jim Fisher rode up and Sylvia ran out calling "Hello Uncle Jim!". So of course they were all sent off to school.

Olive Lauren Byrne 1916 - 1954

Died at Rainbow age 38 after a long illness at Travener st. Her obituary says that while at Yaapeet "she had made a host of friends and was highly esteemed".

The inscription on the headstone at Rainbow reads:

In Loving Memory of
Our Dear Daughter
Olive Laureen
Who Died February 1st 1954
Aged 39 Years

"A Patient Sufferer at Rest"

Roma McKenzie Henry nee Byrne

Married John Henry.

The photograph below shows Roma as the eldest child and Sylvie as the next. It was given to her surrogate mother Nana Petschel who looked after her while Annie had another baby.

Roma as a galmorous young woman

Jack James 1919 - 1977.

Married Kathleen Eason 1941 and died in Melbourne age 56.

See Byrne Eason page for more about Jack

In the Gallunungah school photograph Jack is the smiling sailor at the back.

A right is Jack as a young man

Thora May Newton nee Byrne 1919 - 1951

Marrried 1950 to Clarrie Newton 1913-1991. Thora (and baby) died during childbirth aged 32. At left is her wedding photo. At right she is a small child.

Clarrie was well loved by his family, inlaws and the community.

I remember him visiting us frequently when we lived in the Mallee as children, and one wonderful Christmas he came with new bikes for us.

He continued to work on the channels and farms in the area and died at the age of 78.

There is a lawn plaque at Rainbow Cemetery for Clarry. It reads

18-12-1913 - 23 - 12 - 1991
19th Gun regiment

"In loving Memory of
My Beloved Wife
Thora May Newton
Died 12th Sept 1951 Aged 32 Years.
And our Infant Daughter."


Lois (Valerie Lois) Steege nee Byrne

Mmarried George Steege and lived in Broken Hill. Children are Sharon, Craig, Kim and Tracy.

Fay (Shirley Fay) Hall nee Byrne

Pictured at right in 1941. Married Graham Hall. Children are Robyn and Gregor.