William Hugget and Fanny Pearce

The Huggetts were farmers in Lewis in Sussex. William Huggett was born c 1826, probably the son of Hy Huggett and Ann Price.


Fanny was born c 1827 in Brighton, England. She was the daughter of William Thorpe, a soldier in the 24th Queen's Own regiment, and Anne Pearce. ref 2724.


Fanny and William married 17th 1847 at Saint Nicholas, Brighton, Sussex, England (ref Huggatt IGI M147938 1845-1849 1067119). In 1862 they set sail for Australia with the children Thomas James (13), Mary Ann (9) and Sarah (7). No shipping records are found as yet.

A William is mentioned as farmer at Highton in 1886 and 1890.

There is mention of a farmer William Huggett at Highton (Geelong) in 1886 and 1890 in the Geelong newspaper. This could be William. A James T Huggett was mentioned as farmer in Highton (Geelong) in 1886. Perhaps this was their son Thomas James.

A James Huggett was mentioned in 1861 as leasing 2 sections of Merrawarp Estate in the Barrabools near Geelong. He retired to Queenscliff and died in 1890, it is not known if he was a relative.

Children of William Huggett and Fanny Pearce

  1. Thomas James 1848 - 1923. Probably christened on 25 Jun 1848 at St. Peter, Brighton, Sussex, England. At the age of 30 he married Esther Newell, an only child, in Geelong in 1878 (ref 4127A).
  2. Richard, no details except that he was not mentioned on his mother's death in 1877. He is listed as deceased on his father's death certificate.
  3. Mary Ann born c 1853, aged 56 in 1909
  4. Sarah 1850 - 1925. She married Richard Foster Heron in 1881. She died in 1925 aged 70 in Melbourne (ref 2572). Richard Heron died aged 36 May 18th 1890 in Prahran (ref 9129). The only child known is William Richard Foster Heron who was born 1882 at Ehil ref 15964. He died at Resevoir in 1953 a,ged 70 ref 639


Fanny died at the age of 49 in Queenscliff in 1877 from carcinoma of the uterus, and is buried n the Queenscliff cemetery. The gravestone reads Fanny Pearce.

William Huggett died from exhaustion and senile decay at Simpson St Footscray in 1909 ref 12478 aged 83. He was buried at Queenscliff Cemetery.