This is the family tree for my parents Jack James Byrne and Kathleen Mary Eason who married in 1941 in Melbourne, Australia . You can read a brief history here or go straight to the links above, or the clickable genealogy charts below (and at bottom of each page).

Kath EasonKath grew up in Maidstone and Footscray and married Jack at the age of 17 years. Kath's skills included sewing, and she had a fine voice that was never developed. Read more on Kath.

Her father Alec was a well known Geelong football player and was chosen for the interchange for the Team of the Century. He married Sadie (Sarah) Huggett. Read more on Alec and Sadie Eason.

Alec's parents Alexander and Annabella Eason came from Liverpool in England to Townsville Queensland with five children in 1883 and later settled in Geelong in Victoria, where Alec was born. Alexander was the son of Richard and Cath Eason, both born in Ireland but living in Liverpool. Annabella was the daughter of George Alexander and Catherine Bayfield Sisson of Liverpool.

Sadie's parents were Thomas James and Esther Huggett. Thomas's parents William Huggett and Fanny were farmers from Lewis in Sussex who farmed at Heighton near Geelong. Esther was the only child of Thomas and Jane Newells, who married in Hull, England and came to Australia in 1853. Family lore says that Esther was born on the beach and that the family lived in a tent.

Jack ByrneJack was the son of George and Annie Byrne. He grew up on a wheat farm at Yaapeet near Rainbow iin the Mallee in Victoria, Australia. Read more on Jack.

George's parents were Jimmy and Mary Jane Byrne. Jimmy was born near Harrow in the Western District of Victoria. Jimmy and his family moved to Hopevale and later his son George farmed at Yaapeet where my father was born. Mary Jane Burgess was 5 years old when she came with her parents Thomas and Hannah Burgess to Australia in 1852. They settled around Harrow. The history of the Burgess and the Burden families go back to the 1600s.

Jimmy's parents Michael and Margaret Byrne married in Melbourne in 1843. They had five children and were settled around Harrow where Michael worked as Station Manager of Clunie station. Michael died in 1856 from liver failure, and Margaret remarried to Stewart Miller in 1857. Read more.

Annie was the daughter of Paul and Margaret McKenzie. She was around 4 years of age when her mother died at Minyip in Victoria. Margaret was four when she arrived in 1852 from Skye with her parents Lachlan and Christina Robertson. Paul was 10 years old when he arrived in 1853 from Skye with his parents Kenneth and Jessie McKenzie.