George Alexander Bayfield Sissons and Nell OFlaherty and Catherine Walsh


George was born c 1812 in Liverpool England.

Nell OFlaherty was born in Ireland.

Marriage and Career

George was the son of shipbuilder and owner on the Mississipi river in the US. He was reputed to be a bit of a gambler.

Family lore tells us that on a trip to Galway Bay Ireland he saw Nell OFlaherty as she was doing the washing and fell in love. They married but George's family refused to accept Nell because she was a Catholic and had no social standing. Because of this George would not accept his inheritance. Later there was some move towards reconciliation.

Later George left his command as a ship's captain and settled in Liverpool in the shipping trade. Liverpool was a miserable place for many people. There was no sewerage or running water, houses were tiny and cramped together and there were deadly outbreaks of Cholera and other diseases.

George was married to Catherine Walsh before 1851, when she was listed as his wife in the census. It is unclear what happened to Nell OFlaherty, and when he married Catherine.

The 1851 the census shows the family were living at 2 Providence Buildings. The family consisted of:

The 1861 census shows them living at 41 Hornby Street. There was now another child but George's mother-in-law Mary Welsh (? Walsh) is not longer living with them.

The 1871 census shows the family living at 87 Conway Street. Catherine must have died as she is not listed. Annabella was now married and her husband Richard was living with the family. Note the Sissons has been dropped from the name.

Annabella may have been pregnant at this time as her first child Richard was christened in 1871.

At the time of his death George was listed as a Weight taker of 2 Jersey St, Everton. On his daughter Annabella's death certificate George is listed as a clerk.


  1. Alexander Bayfield Sissons, born on April 22, 1843. in Liverpool.  He was christened on April 30, 1843 in St Anthony's, a Mary Walsh was the witness.  He married Annie Murphy on October 13, 1871 in Our Lady of Mercy, L,pool.  Both wed from 11 Cecil Street. Ann's father Edmund was deceased a spar a blockmaker. Witness was Arthur David Dickinson and Catherine Sissons.  Annie Murphy was born on January 27, 1844 in Liverpool and was christened 2nd February 1844 St Peters, and the witnesses were Daniel and Mary Berry. Alexander was working as a clerk and living at 39 Queensland Street when he died on January 27th, 1876. The funeral service at St Anne Oveberry Street (282 ANN 3/2 No:-39). His surname was given as Bayfield  He was buried on January 30, 1876 in Anfield (Roman Catholic C. S1 G709). By 1901 Annie was living with her son at 73 Rocky Lane as Annie Bayfield age 55 years, her son Alexander being 28 years and a House Painter. The children of Alexander and Annie are:
    1. Alexander Bayfield Sissons born November 22 1872 Liverpool.  He was christened on 1st December 1872 in St Francis Xaviours ( 282 SFX 1/3 P739), and the witnesses were Benjamin and Sarah Murphy  He was found in 1881 census (370 F94 P24) at 8 Hardwick Street, aged 8 years.
    2. Edmund George Bayfield Sissons was born August 9 1874 Liverpool.  He was christened on August 26, 1874 in St Francis Xaviours (282 SFX 1/2 P918), and the witness was Isabella McGovern  He died in May 1876 in Liverpool and was buried on May 21, 1876 (Ford SSJ G1028) in a public grave. At the time he was living at 24 Queenland Street.
    3. Benjamin Bayfield Sissons was born 12th January 1876 in Liverpool.  He was living at 39 Queensland Street when he was christened on January 26, 1876 in St Anne Oveberry Street (282 ANN 1/4 No:-2607), and the witnesses were Edmund and Sarah Murphy  He died in March 1878 in Liverpool and was buried on April 3, 1878 in Ford SSJ G1358 in a public grave. At the time he was living at 136 Field Street.
  2. Anabella Bayfield Sissons, born on April 18, 1845. She married Richard Eason ( Richard Alexander) in June 1870 in West Derby 8b 562, at the age of 26. Click the link above to find out more about this couple and their children and descendants.
  3. Catherine Victoria Sissons, born in September 1851.


Geroge died in November 1874 in Liverpool aged around 62 years.  He was buried on November 24, 1874 in Anfield R.C. S1 G288, in a public grave.

There is no record of Catherine's death, but she probably died between 1861 and 1871, aged 40 to 50 years.