Burdens in England

According to oral history, the Burdens were from the Urchfont/Potterne/ Devizes region and were agricultural workers. There is some question about the first three generations below. Although I was given the first two generations, other research indicates that there could be an error. I have listed the first two generations as was given to me, and discussed the alternative in the 3rd generation.

First Generation

John Burden, b. ~1683, Wiltshire, Eng. He married Mrs John Burden, 1703, in Wiltshire, Eng, b. ~1683, Wiltshire, Eng. Children:

i James Burden b. ~1705 at Semley, Wiltshire. See second generation
ii Jane Burden, b. 1709 at Semley, Wiltshire.
iii Martha Burden, b. 1710, buried: 9th Dec 1719, Semley Wiltshire, Eng.
iv Susanna Burden, b. 1712.

Second Generation

James Burden, b. ~1705, Semley Wiltshire, Eng. He married

(1) Mrs. Rebecca Burden, ~1727, in Wiltshire, Eng, b. ~1704, Wiltshire, Eng, d. ~ 1742-1744, Semley Wiltshire, Eng. However elsewhere she may be named Elizabeth Hanam.

(2) Mary Jays, 7th Jan 1743/1744, in Semley Wiltshire, Eng, b. 1718, Semley Wiltshire, Eng, (daughter of Jays and Mrs Jays) buried: 14th Mar 1788, Semley Wiltshire, Eng. Elsewhere she may be known as Mary Ings.

James died 23rd June 1768, Semley Wiltshire, Eng. Children:

i Sarah Burden, b. 10th August 1729, buried: 13th Sept 1830, Semley Wiltshire, Eng.
ii Mary Burden, b. 10th August 1729, Semley Wiltshire, Eng (not included in one source)
iii James Burden, b. 30th May 1731, Semley Wiltshire, Eng.
iv Joseph Burden, b. 6th December 1732.
v Jacob Burden, b. 1735, Semley Wiltshire, Eng. (not included in one source)
vi Diana Burden, b. 30th December 1736, Semley Wiltshire, Eng.
vii Jona Burden, b. 5th August 1742, buried: 29th June 1827, Semley Wiltshire, Eng. See descendants
viii Jahaziel Burden, b. 16th Feb 1745, Semley Wiltshire, Eng. (not included in one source)
ix Ismahiel Burden, b. 13th December 1747 Semley Wiltshire, Eng
x Igdaliah Burden, b. 29th October 1749 Semley Wiltshire, Eng.
xi Jemima Burden, b. 22nd Dec 1751, Semley Wiltshire, Eng. (not included in one source)
xii Kezia Burden, b. 3 Mar 1754, Semley Wiltshire, Eng, buried: 9th Nov 831, Semley Wiltshire, Eng.
xiii Kerrenhappuch Burden, b. 18th July 1756, Semley Wiltshire. She married John Cross, who was was sent to Australia as a convict aboard the "Alexander" in the First Fleet. In Autralia John formed a defacto relationship with Mary Davison. His descendants live in Australia.
xiv Jabez Burden, b. 6th May 1759, Semley Wiltshire, Eng. (not included in one source)
xv John Burden, b. 29th January 1760 Semley Wiltshire, Eng. See third generation
xvi Sarah Burden, b. 1762, d. 16th Mar 1762, Semley Wiltshire, Eng. (not included in one source)

Third Generation

John Burden, b. 1760, Patney, Wiltshire, England married Mary Kite, 25th Dec 1776, in Chirton, Wiltshire, England, b. 25th Dec 1755, Chirton, Wiltshire, England.

However, other research indicates that a different John Burden married Mary Kite. He is from Urchfront and was born in 1750, the son of Richard Burden and Martha Giddings. He is a more suitable age for Mary.

Also, the marriage that occurred on December 25th 1776 was listed on the Chirton marriages records as being between Mary Kite and Paul Burden.

It is possible that the previous two generations are not ours at all.

Children of John and Mary:

i Paul Burden b. 1785. See fourth generation
ii Hester Burden, b. 1783.
iii Susanna Burden, b. 1787.

Fourth Generation

Paul Burden, b. 1785, Patney, Wiltshire, Eng. He married Elizabeth Pierce, 27th Oct 1807, in Urchfont, Wiltshire, Eng, b. 1788, d. 1842, Patney, Wiltshire, Eng. Children:

i Charles Burden, born 1st January 1816, Chirton, Wiltshire. He married Harriet Offer (born in1814) on the 24th December 1838 and migrated to Australia in 1847. Charles died 9th July 1890, St Leonards, South Australia, and was buried on the 9th July 1890 at the Old Payneham Cemetery SA. Harriet died died 1st May 1891. See descendants.
ii Eliza Burden 28th May 1816  (miscarriage)
iii Hannah Burden b. 1818. see fifth generation
iii Martha Burden, b. 1821.
iv Caroline Burden, b. 1825, Chiron, Wiltshire. She migrated to Australia in 1852 and worked as a cook/servant for a squatter family in Barabool Geelong. Within a couple of years she had married Thomas Edwards, b. 1823, Somerset, Eng, d. 1895, Bacchus Marsh, Vic. Caroline died 26th Jan 1914, Bacchus Marsh.
v William Burden born 6th April 1823 at Patney, Wiltshire
vi Emma Burden born 30th March 1832 at Patney, Wiltshire (this is the date of her Christening in the Church register)
vii Paul Burden born 25th December 1832 at Patney, Wiltshire, died 1927 Patney, Wiltshire

Fifth Generation

Hannah Burden, born in 1818, Wiltshire England. She was found living with a family of agricultural labourers called Offer during one census. Her older brother Charles married Harriet Offer. Hannah married William Burgess on the 11th April 1840, in Patney, Wiltshire. William was born in 1815 at Patney, son of Michael Burgess and Alice Robbins. They migrated to Australia in 1852, along with Hannah's unmarried sister Caroline. William died 10th Sept 1886, Harrow, aged 71 and is buried in Harrow. Hannah died 18th May 1894, Harrow, Vic Age 76 and is buried at Harrow. Click link to see more descendants. Children:

i Frederick William Burgess 1841-1894
ii Elizabeth Burgess 1843-1910
iii William Burgess, 1845
iv Mary Jane Burgess 1846-1934
v Emma Burgess 1850-1850
vi Emily Burgess 18510 - 1852
vii Martha Burgess 1853-1920
viii John Burgess 1855.
ix Katherine Burgess 1862
x Hannah Louisa Burgess 1860