William Burgess and Hannah Burden

See the Burgess in England and Burden in England for more on our ancestors from the 1600s.


William Burgess was born in Putney, Wiltshire 1815. He was baptised 27 Aug 1815 (LDS Film 1526667) He was the son of Michael Burgess (labourer) of Putney, and Alice Robbins - see the Burgesses Robbins page.

Hannah Burden was born in England c 1818. She was the daughter of Paul Burden (labourer) and Elizabeth Pierce of Cornwall. Paul Burden died 13 Dec 1845 Patney, (LDS Film 1526667). Elizabeth Burden died 25 Jan 1842 Patney (LDS Film 1526667). Go to the Charles and Harriet Burden page to see photos and information on descendants of Hannah's brother, Charles..


William and Hannah married in Wiltshire on 11 April 1840 (File 1279347).

On the 7th October 1852 they left England with four children aboard the Stebonheath. They arrived in Geelong on the 18th January 1853. Geelong comes from the Aboriginal word jillon, place of cliff, white seabird or swamps where native companions lived. It was incorporated in 1849.

The family lived at Connewirrico for a time. Records in the rate books at Edenhope Council for 1883 show William Burgess paying rent on 120 acres at Connewirreco. Frederick, Louisa, John and William Jnr Burgess had blocks at the same time.

Harrow and Rates

The Council collected 2,007 pounds rent at that time. Land was valued at 30 pound for 320 acres and rent was 1/- per pound. Therefore there would have been 1, 386 blocks in the County. The Council received 1000 pounds gov grant for a new bridge at Harrow and 500 pound for roads. Gov subsidies were 2100 pounds. There was also a Water Supply Grant of 109/9/-, a Rabbit Bonus of 77/7/1, 1000 from Genelg PP ??, and a few other items. Expenditure included:

Labour for flood drainage 258.8.8
Contracts new bridge 300.0.0
Salaries 650.0.0
Road maintenance and repairs 300.0.0
Road construction disputed territory 900.0.0
Office expenses, bonus

Apparently Hannah smoked a pipe.

Children - click here to see more details and descendants

  1. Frederick Burgess born 1841 at Patney, Wilstshire, married Lillian Bertram 1864, died 1894 at Harrow Australia aged 53

  2. Elizabeth Burgess, born Patney 1844 and married Morris. Died 5th August 1910 at Cobar NSW Australia

  3. William Burgess 1845

  4. Mary Jane Burgess, born 1847 at Patney, married James Burne in 1867 at Harrow Victoria, Australia, die 1934 at Rainbow aged 87

  5. Emma Burgess, born 23rd March 1850 at Patney, buried 30th March 1850

  6. Emily Burgess, born 20th April 1851 at Patney, buried 3rd April 1852

  7. Martha Burgess, born 1854, married John Wilson in Cobar NSW. She died 1920 at Coonamble aged 67

  8. John Burgess, born 1855

  9. Kathleen (Catherine) Burgess, born 1860 at Avoca, Victoria and married John Clark. She died 1943 at Edenhope1858

  10. Hannah Louisa Burgess, born 1864 in Harrow. She married John Groves in 1889


William Burgess died of angina pectoris at Connewirrico on the 9th of September 1886, aged 71 years.

Hannah Burgess died of pulmonary abcess and pnuemonia at Connewirrico on the 18th May 1894 aged 76 years.

They are buried side by side at Harrow, although there is only a gravestone for William.

The gravestone reads:

William Burgess
Who died 9th Sept 1886
Aged 71 years
Home at last, thy labour done
Safe and blest, the victory won
Jordan passed, from pain set free
Angels now have welcomed thee

Connewirrico is at the head of Tea Tree Creek and comes from Aboriginal word conna, forehead and wirrecow, tea tree.

For more on the children of William and Hannah Burgess go to the Burgess Burden children page