Burgess in England

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Michael Burgess and Elizabeth Pinchen, Alice Robbins


Michael Burgess was baptised on June 9th 1782.

Marriage to Elizabeth

He married his first wife Elizabeth Pinchen 15th April 1807.

Children and Descendants of Michael and Elizabeth :

  1. Sarah Burgess born 1807. Her child's father was apparently Goddard of Wedhampton.
    1. James Burgess, baptised 22nd January 1826, married Ann.
  2. Isaac Burgess, born 1811 in Patney, married to Mary Anne Ferris on the 8th Judy 1833 at Chirton. He was an agricultural labourer and died March 1897. Children of Isaac and Mary:
    1. Michael Burgess, born 1833 Patney, married Mary. He died 1873. Child of Michael and Mary:
      1. Elizabeth Burgess, born 1854
    2. Stephen Burgess, born 29th July 1835
    3. Geoge Burgess, born 24th September 1837
    4. Abel Burgess, baptised 5th January 1840, died 5th January 1840, buried 30th November 1840
    5. Levi Burgess, born 6th June 1841

Marriage to Alice

He married his second wife Alice Robbins, from Compton Bassett on 2nd August 1814.

Children and Descendants of Michael and Alice

  1. William Burgess born 1815 in Patney, died 1886 in Harrow, Victoria Australia. Click link to William and descendants
  2. John Burgess, born 1821 and married Sarah Stone (daughter of John Stone) on the 27th June 1846. He died in 1902. Children of John and Sarah:
    1. Charles Burgess, born 1847, married to Susan Hillier (daughter of John Hillier) on 5th April 1873. He was a labourer and died 27th January 1908. Children of Charles and Susan:
      1. Sarah Ann Burgess, born 1873, married John James North on the 6th June 1891
      2. Charles Henry Burgess, born 1874, married Sarah Ann Ellis (daughter of Henry, labourer) on the 13th December 1902. He worked as a platelayer and died 20th February 1934.
      3. James Burgess, born 19th December 1875 and died 22nd April 1876 aged 5 months
      4. Alice Rose Burgess, born 1888, married Charles Hiscock ( of All Cannings, son of Johathon Hiscock) on the 10th November 1910.
    2. Jane Burgess, born 1849, married William Giddings on the 13th February 1872
    3. Emily Burgess, born 1853, worked as a servant. She married to Maurice Ferris 18th December 1880.
    4. Frederick Burgess, born 1855 and married Charlotte Dyke (a servant, daughter of John Dyke, labourer) on the 23rd October 1884. He died 10th November 1928. Children of Frederick and Charlotte:
      1. Alice Maud Burgess, married Robert Boyd on the 18th February 1909
      2. Eleanor Burgess, born 1888, married William Carey (son of Joseph Carey) on the 10th August 1915
    5. Demon Burgess, born 1858
    6. John Burgess, born 1860, married Emma White (daughter of Thomas White, a collier) on 3rd April 1893. John worked as a groom. Children of John and Emma:
      1. Ethel Burgess, baptised 1st June 1884
      2. Olive Francis Burgess, baptised 11th October 1885
      3. Ellen Burgess, baptised 2nd October 1887
      4. Minnie Burgess, baptised 3rd November 1889
    7. Thomas Burgess, born 1862
    8. Sidney Burgess, born 1866
  3. Jane Burgess, baptised 28th October 1827


Michael was buried aged 49 on July 1st 1827 in Patney.