Catherine Eason and Frederick James Pearson

Catherine was born on the 23rd December 1845 at West Derby, England and lived with her family in Liverpool, Yorkshire, England.

Frederick James Pearson was born on the 11th February 1838 at Calverley, Yorkshire, England. He was the son of James (b 1816 Addington, Yorkshire) and Mary Pearson (born 1821 at Idle, Yorkshire) and living at Owlet Hall in 1841.


1. Frederick William Pearson, born in 1872. The 1911 census lists him as a cricket bat maker, and living at Walton On The Hill, Anfield Liverpool, Lancashire, England. He was married to Mary Ellen Pearson and they had 3 children at the time:

  1. Myra Pearson, born c 1903
  2. Marjorie Pearson born c 1909
  3. Frederick Pearson born c 1911


Frederick died 5 May 1917 Liverpool Yorkshire.

Catherine also died at Liverpool