Thomas Eason and Margaret Stranaghan

Thomas was born at Liverpool in 1850, the son of Richard Eason and Catherine Sissons.

Margaret was born 27th February 1865 at Liverpool, England.


  1. Richard James Eason, born 12 Apr 1887 Manhattan, New York
  2. Thomas Eason, born 1888 at Manhattan New York
  3. Maud E Eason, born 11 Jun 1889 Manhattan, New York, New York. She married John P Oschmann (born 1886, son of Peter Oschmann and Anna Oschmann need Pfleging) on the 12th December 1914 at Manhattan.
  4. Thomas Eason, born 1893 at Manhattan New York.
  5. Emily Ada Eason, born 9th June 1894 Manhattan, New York